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Product Specifications

Sony  HVL-F20M External Flash For Multi-Interface Shoe  

Main specs

Guide Number:  20

Bounce Angle:  not specified

Dimensions:  2 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 31/32" / 62mm x 114mm x 24mm


In store only
Sony-HVL-F20M External Flash For Multi-Interface Shoe-Flashes and Speedlights
Description Specifications






2 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 31/32" / 62mm x 114mm x 24mm



Power Source

2 AAA batteries

Type of Unit

compact external flash


Notable Features

  • More power than your camera’s built in flash - Lighten portraits, group scenes and interiors with a flash rating of guide number 20 (m, ISO100)
  • Brighten any scene with less to carry - The light, compact flash folds down neatly on the camera to save space when it’s not needed
  • Lift and shoot - Just raise the flash head to switch on power and you’re ready to start shooting
  • Get pro-style bounce effects - Twist the angle of the flash head to bounce light off ceilings at up to 75 degree angles, for more natural illumination
  • Easily attaches to your camera - With the Multi Interface Shoe you can quickly fix the flash to your camera when you’re out and about
  • No wires needed - Trigger other wireless flash units around the room to create professional looking multi-flash effects without harsh shadows
  • Colour that looks more real - The flash works with your camera, automatically adjusting white balance for natural-looking colours.

Exposure / Flash Control


Guide Number


Angle of Coverage

not rated

Bounce Angle

not specified

Shooting Distance (Zoom Range)

not rated

Recycling Time

not specified

Battery Life

not specified



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